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“I had the opportunity to work with Jeremy recently during a VDI engagement for a large Health Care organization in the Northwest. Due to unexpected circumstances Jeremy was asked to fill a role as the senior VDI architect on a very high visibility project. He was quickly able to come up to speed on the client requirements and produce a solid working design for the VDI pilot environment. At the same time Jeremy was able to help me quickly learn the client’s environment and provide me, much needed mentorship as a new employee with VMware. ??Jeremy’s professional attitude and high-level of integrity were inspiring and I greatly benefitted by working with him over the course of our project. He has a very deep understanding of VDI architecture requirements and how to design large scale VDI environments. I would highly recommend Jeremy for any VMware VDI related project and I look forward to working with him on future projects.”

Chris worked directly with Jeremy at VMware


“I worked with Jeremy on a critical Healthcare VDI project, and each time I learned from his expertise in the field. Mainly his approach to the situation at hand and how well he works on the fly is what impressed me most. He is a very detail oriented person, both in his work and personal life. His technical acumen is above and beyond most and is certainly not out-shined by his personality and solid delivery style. He is very balanced and this shows in his work. I would work with Jeremy again in a heartbeat.”

Mark Verhagen managed indirectly at VMware


“Jeremy and I worked closely together on a very large healthcare VDI planning project. He was pulled in midstream after the sudden departure of another architect. He dove in headfirst to create a Bill of Materials for the customer, plus troubleshoot various issues they were experiencing. He showed great dedication, working very long hours to meet extremely aggressive deadlines. I highly recommend Jeremy as a knowledgeable View resource, who will get the job done”

Diane worked with Jeremy at VMware


“I had the privilege of working with Jeremy and experiencing first-hand his expertise and professionalism when we hired him to fix a non-responsive SAN that had taken down our network as a result. I was impressed with the way he handled an incredibly stressful and high-pressure situation with professionalism and determination. He put in extra hours to get the job done, and was great at communicating along the way. Without his knowledge and creativity, our network would have been down for a lot longer than it was. He also provided a lot of great feedback, documentation and additional support by upgrading our VMware, and making any other necessary changes to our network. I would recommend Jeremy without hesitation and hope to have the opportunity to work with him again.”

Jenni was Jeremy’s client


“Jeremy is the exact type of engineer you need working with your team. His personable demeanor makes him a pleasure to work with, both as an inter and intrateam asset. Jeremy's professionalism helped the team gather the requirements from different departments and interpret that into a working design model in which all teams agreed to implement as a unified shared virtual environment. When working with our company he was in constant communication and drove the engagement from start to finish; asking questions and providing recommendations and leadership where needed. Jeremy provided solutions to challenges our company encountered and worked with us from an onsite and remote capacity. Should you be lucky enough to utilize Jeremy for your company, you will be more than satisfied with the results.”

Johnny was Jeremy’s client


“Jeremy is a good soul with a big bag of tricks up his sleeve when it comes to the Datacenter, he's an excellent resource to have on the team. Having worked with Jeremy on several enterprise engagements in which he acted as lead I can say I'd welcome him in my corner anytime.”

worked with Jeremy at Denali Advanced Integration

"Jeremy is a highly professional engineer and a great representative of his company. His attention to detail and professional manner permits him to be a great resource in front of his customers. I can personally recommend Jeremy very highly."
— Ben Mandus, Sr. Server and Storage Engineer, Denali Advanced Integration, 

worked directly with Jeremy at Denali Advanced Integration


"I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Jeremy this year while working on a major data center move/consolidation for one of Seattle's fastest growing health care organizations. Jeremy's technical skills are nothing short of brilliant, and I was repeatedly impressed by his fore-thought, thoroughness, speed to deliver, and solutions-oriented approach. As an architect, Jeremy is always eager to step up to challenges showing remarkable technical leadership to identify gaps and provide well-qualified solutions to fit the customer's needs. He also regularly demonstrates calm prudence and care when communicating with the client and other members of the project team. Given the need and the opportunity, I would gladly hire Jeremy into my technology organization."
— Brian Williams, CISSP-ISSMP, CCSK, Director/Sr Consultant, Verve Technologies, LLC, 

worked directly with Jeremy at Denali Advanced Integration


"Jeremy is exactly the kind of engineer you want on your team. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field but is constantly looking to grow. He has the ability to find creative solutions to issues and client needs. The best part is he never says “I can’t”. If he is in unfamiliar territory, he will work with you to understand your requirements and will do the work to find a solution. I would be thrilled to have Jeremy on any team that I was leading."

— Jeffery Main, Project Management, Denali Advanced Integration

managed Jeremy at Denali Advanced Integration

"Jeremy has provided valuable lab architecture support as he has managed the build and maintenance of Intel's ESS datacenter architecture lab. His software development efforts have ranged from automated load generation tools to data analysis parsers. His efforts have improved the efficiency and effectiveness the datacenter architecture lab and the work Intel does to showcase their technology. I would definitely recommend Jeremy as an experienced IT engineer around virtualization, power and performance management, and scripting and programming languages."

—  Mark A. Wright, Solution Architect, Intel, 

managed Jeremy at Intel

"I worked with Jeremy at nworks / Veeam in his roles in datacenter management and support. I found him to be flexible, easy to work with, and always eager to learn, whether it's a new technology or a new role. He spent much time planning and managing our datacenter, including overseeing a physical migration of the DC across the country, but he also adapted well to supporting enterprise management customers when we needed him more in that role. He put in many long hours balancing the two roles and building his experience so that he'd have the knowledge and experience required to troubleshoot domain-crossing problems in large, complex customer environments. In terms of being easy to work with, I mean not only that he's easy to get along with, but also that he's good at making sure he's easily available and is good at maintaining the right level of communication, even while working remotely."

— Nick Kordich, Software Engineer, nworks, 

managed Jeremy at nWorks / Veeam

"Jeremy's highly motivated with a broad array of skills that were extremely valuable in support our customers and maintaining the systems and network in our datacenter."
— Greg Stephens, was Jeremy's client

"I've worked with Jeremy for almost a year. Since we are a small company, Jeremy has had to juggle a variety of different tasks from 3rd level customer support to maintaining our VMware based data center. He tackled all tasks with enthusiasm, and I found him to be a quick study and a pleasure to work with."
— Tom Milner, Software Architect, Veeam

worked directly with Jeremy at Nworks A/S

"Jeremy came to us from Intel. He has been involved with product support and has applied his real world system administration skills in our data center helping us expand the number and complexity of our development environment. As a support engineer, Jeremy has worked through complex problems while learning the ins and outs of our software. HP Operations Manager is a complex ecosystem and Jeremy has risen to the challenge while expanding his VMware skills. We have both physical and virtual systems in our data center running several varieties of Unix, Linux, and Windows. Jeremy has done a wonderful job keeping our systems running while working through the inevitable problems that crop up in any complex IT environment."
— Hank Wright, Executive Vice President, Veeam Software

managed Jeremy indirectly at Nworks A/S

"Jeremy is an excellent team player with a positive CAN-DO attitude. He joined nworks in a role to support complex software products. However, given his background in virtualization and system administration, he was quickly put to work designing the Dev/Test datacenter. Despite being pushed and pulled in opposite directions, Jeremy always was eager to help. Jeremy is a hard worker, always willing to do what it takes to get the job done. He would be a strong asset to any IT organization."
— Cynthia Bogolub, Global Accounts Operations Manager, Veeam Software

managed Jeremy indirectly at Nworks A/S

"In the year that Jeremy contracted with Intel, he exemplified dedication and hard work. He has tremendous skills in server administration and management and virtualization and automation have become a definite strong point. His programming skills in Visual Basic provided a tremendous added value to his varied administrative roles and demonstrate the wide range of computer related tasks that he is capable of accomplishing."
— Mark A. Wright, Solution Architect, Intel, 

managed Jeremy at Intel